Who has best Power Unit? Monza may tell the story

The FIA measures the speeds of the cars at each of the intermediate timing points around the circuit and over the finish line.  In addition they have a speed trap usually where they believe the maximum speeds will be reached.  At Monza the Speed trap is 212 metres before turn one, so just before the drivers have to brake for the first chicane, while the finish line is some 115 metres before the DRS activation point on the start straight.

Due to the fast nature of this circuit, teams bring low drag versions of their serodynamic package which are not seen anywhere else, the speeds here can therfore be used to compare the power unit performance possibly easier than at other circuits.  In particular I was interested in how rapidly the cars were accelerating from the finish line (relatively close to the exit of the Parabolica) to the speed trp just before they applied the brakes at turn one.  For whatever reason the speed trap figures published by the FIA at Monza exclude the Toro Rosso cars, so a comparison of the 2015 specification Ferrari Power Unit is not possible.

In qualifying all drivers are able to use DRS on every lap, and most try and complete the lap without interference from slower cars in front, so the speeds recorded are possibly more consistent than in the race (when not everyone gets DRS on every lap, and the effect of ‘the tow’ from a car in front can dramatically increase the speeds recorded).  The table below shows the speed recorded in qualifying at the finish line and the speed trap.  They have been sorted in order of who has gained the most speed.

<a href="http://i1.wp.com/www.formula1blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Monza-Qualifying……[continue reading at the link below]

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