Open Warfare: Where does a captain fit in a God’s world?

There’s an old saying: out with the old, in with the new. It’s beginning to look like that may apply to Manchester United’s captain, Wayne Rooney. While Josė Mourinho has, in the past, stated his admiration for Rooney, upon assuming command at Old Trafford he said the Scouser will have to prove himself deserving of a place in the squad. The Portuguese has also ruled out that place being in the midfield, saying he envisions Rooney as a number nine or ten, not a six. The problem is Mourinho has gone out and bought Henryk Mkhitaryan and signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic to fill those roles. And then there’s Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, and, assuming they’re not sold on, Juan Mata, Ander Herrera… oh, and Memphis Depay.

If you’re Rooney, it’s a difficult spot to be in, especially when Ibra, the marquee signing thus far–we’ve already hashed out our differences regarding Paul Pogba–is shouting across the English Channel to let Eric Cantona know there’s a new god in Manchester. Given our new god was previously captain at Paris Saint-Germain, where is the man wearing the United armband to fit in?

That’s the question this time around in Open Warfare, where Stretty News Editor Dale O’Donnell will be joined by Paul Rowlesy, Martin Palazzotto, and, this time, even the Northern Loudmouth himself, Mike Knight, who’s let his opinion …..[continue reading at the link below]

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