Only 3 years left for Bernie Ecclestone?

If you’ve followed Formula 1 for any length of time, you’ll know that what F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says during negotiation times is calculated and intended to provoke a response. A cursory review of some of his more savory statements juxtaposed with the eventual outcome of the topics they were focused at will show that his methodology is cunning and usually effective.

With most major news outlets discussing the possible sale of CVC Capital’s 35.5% stake in F1 to Liberty Media, the Reuters caught up with the venerable leader of the F1 show and asked him about the potential sale and what role he might play, if any, in the new ownership.

Mr. E says the new owners want him to remain involved for three years. He’ll miss the Singapore Grand Prix to stay in London and negotiate. He said:

“Because all this is going through, they (CVC) want me to be there to help them with all sorts of things. I can’t afford to be away for five to six days,”

Liberty Media’s investment in Time Warner, Viacom, Sirius XM, Live Nation and international TV and broadband is something that certainly has many teams and pundits excited. The potential acquisition would possibly see a new chairman of F1 in the form of Chase Carey, executive vice-chairman of 21st Century Fox and a director of Sky News owner Sky Plc. Ecclestone said:

“He (Carey) can do lots of things that I haven’t done with this social media, which he seems to be in touch with. He’s been dealing with sponsorship with his TV people. Between us …..[continue reading at the link below]

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